The Hermes |
Small Gold Cuban Link Collar


Size: 8
Style: Cuban
Color: Gold

Elevate Style and Strengthen Bonds with The Hermes Cuban Link Dog Collar

Prepare to be captivated by The Hermes – a masterfully crafted collar designed exclusively for small dog owners who exude love for their cherished companions. This is not just a collar; it's a testament to your devotion and a statement of your pet's unique elegance.

Embracing Style, Ensuring Unrivaled Quality Bid farewell to lackluster dog collars and step into the world of extraordinary elegance with The Hermes. This isn't merely an accessory; it's a canvas for your pet's individuality. Tired of flimsy collars that fall short? The Hermes solves this problem by offering a true masterpiece that embodies your love and admiration for your loyal companion.

What You Gain, Stylishly and Emotionally Imagine the sheer delight of witnessing your petite companion adorned in a collar that radiates sophistication. This masterpiece boasts double PVD 18k gold plating that injects a touch of luxury into your pet's ensemble. The hand-polished links provide a sensationally smooth finish that's not only hypoallergenic but also ensures your dog's fur remains untarnished.

Yet, the allure extends beyond aesthetics – the Patent Pending Bully Buckle guarantees effortless attachment and removal, while the featherweight design caters impeccably to small breeds weighing between 5 and 20 pounds. This isn't just about investing in a collar; it's about indulging your pet in both comfort and style.

A Superior Choice in Every Way The Hermes Cuban Link Dog Collar isn't just a collar; it's an embodiment of your unwavering bond with your dog. Created exclusively for fervent small dog owners who consider their pets as more than just companions, this collar represents the depth of their affection and the unique connection they share.

We refuse to rely on clichéd phrases – our judicious use of superlatives stems from our meticulous dedication to perfection. The rust-resistant and non-corrosive 316L stainless steel guarantees longevity, while the featherweight design ensures a secure fit that's light as a feather.

Experience Elegance and Security Like Never Before Envision the envious glances and heartfelt smiles as you and your four-legged friend strut with unparalleled grace, showcasing a bond that's beautifully accentuated through an exquisite accessory. Visualize engaging conversations with fellow dog enthusiasts, all magnetically drawn to your pet's extraordinary collar.

The allure of The Hermes Cuban Link Dog Collar is amplified by the narratives of elated customers, their testimonials echoing the joy and pride derived from adorning their pets with our exceptional creation.

In a realm saturated with mediocre dog accessories, The Hermes shines brilliantly, captivating with its undeniably superior benefits, unmatched design, and the emotional connection it fosters between pet and owner. Mediocrity is not an option – elevate your pup's style and the strength of your bond with The Hermes Cuban Link Dog Collar. Secure yours today and infuse unparalleled fashion and security into your beloved companion's world.


  • Crafted with unwavering dedication from 316L stainless steel
  • Adorned with double PVD 18k gold-plated Cuban links
  • Hand-polished half-inch links ensure a sumptuously smooth finish
  • Refined to be rust-resistant and non-corrosive
  • Tailored to small breeds weighing between 5 lbs - 20 lbs
  • Featherweight design ensures comfortable wear – weighing only half a pound

Easy way to measure your dog for a Bully Chain.


To ensure a proper fit for your dog's collar, it's important to measure their neck snugly at the center with no slack. Using a tape measure, place it around the neck at the center and record the measurement. If your dog is full-grown, you can use this measurement as is. However, if your dog is still growing, you may want to add a small amount of slack to the measurement, depending on the age and breed of your dog.

When putting the collar on your dog, it's a good idea to add about an inch of slack for a comfortable fit. The collar should not be too tight or too loose - you should be able to fit your hand under the collar easily, but it should not be able to slip over your dog's neck.

If you have any questions about how to properly measure your dog for a collar or a custom size or color, don't hesitate to reach out for help. We're here to assist you in finding the perfect size for your furry friend.


3 ways to measure for a Dog Harness.

For our Legion, Roman, Centurion, & Athenian Harness use blocks B & C.

First, place a measuring tape around the dog's chest. Use the dog's breastbone as a guide when wrapping the tape around. Take measurement when the measuring tape meets at the dog's shoulder blades. 

Second, for the Chest Girth measurement place the measuring tape around the widest part of the dog's torso, behind the front legs.

For our Arion Harness use blocks B, C, & D.

First, place a measuring tape around the dog's chest. Use the dog's breastbone as a guide when wrapping the tape around. Take measurement when the measuring tape meets at the dog's shoulder blades. 

Second, for the Chest Girth measurement place the measuring tape around the widest part of the dog's torso, behind the front legs.

Third, for the final measurement start at the Chest Girth (C) measurement and measure around the chest to the opposite side. The chest strap should be a comfortable distance below the throat.


At Bully Chainz, we believe in the quality of our chains, leashes, and harnesses. That's why we offer a 1000-day warranty on all of our products.
If you experience any issues with your purchase such as broken links due to manufacturer defects, rust or oxidation, any manufacturer defects, or harness defects like a broken buckle, our warranty has you covered.
However, please note that our warranty does not cover damage caused by excessive physical abuse, paint chips, dings, general wear and tear, and excessive use of harness or any chewed or damaged leather straps.
If you need to make a warranty claim, it's easy. All you have to do is email us at [email protected] with a description of the issue and your order number. Our Quality Assurance team will review your claim and if it falls under our warranty, we will provide you with a return label and instructions to send the defective product to our Texas office. Once we receive the product, we'll send you a replacement.




Get your dog the gear they deserve with Bully Supply. Now, you can split your order into 4 easy payments with our interest-free financing option. Simply select Afterpay during checkout and your order will be processed using our payment plan. It's secure, easy, and hassle-free.

If you have any questions about our financing option, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team. They're here to help with any questions you may have about our order status, warranty, or returns & exchanges.

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